Caldera At Red Mountain Resort

(The Glades Designs is not associated with Caldera or Red Mountain Resort)

Considering purchasing or have purchased a lot in Caldera subdivision, at Red Mountain Resort.

Click on the links below, of the lot or lots you are interested in, and view the Chalet or Chalets suitable for the site.

If the lot numbers are not showing yet, more designs are being created and will be added to the site,

or call to have a custom Chalet designed for you and your family.


Lot 15+

Lots 16 & 17

Lots 1,2,3,5,6,16 & 17

(Note: For lots 2 and 3 model would have to be downsized)

Lots 4, 8-12

(Note: Model height restrictions to be confirmed)


Caldera Subdivision



Tel.: (250)364-5096